Grace Anne Spencer
A bit about me

I am not talented.

Because what an awful thing, to be an artist who is merely talented.

I am an artist who is disciplined, who understands the importance of dedication and excellence. More than that, what an awful thing to be an artist who is just that – merely an artist and nothing more. I am an artist who is also a person. Someone who strives to be caring, joyful, and kind.

Much of my artistic inspiration comes from children; oftentimes, it comes specifically from my two nephews, who are one and four years old. I believe that the boundless energy and creativity of the young people in our lives should always make us strive to be more caring, joyful, and kind.

I received my Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from Northwestern College, and I learned this plus so much more during my time there. I've learned that I love children's theatre, that I am a teacher, that I never want to stop performing. But, out of all the things I have learned so far — in my schooling, career, and life — one thing that I've learned the most is this:

I have been created to create.