Grace Anne Spencer
Hi, I'm Grace.

My first job ever was cleaning toilets.

But that is not what I'm passionate about.

Theatre. Music. The arts.

That is what I’m passionate about, and I’ve known that since I heard my mom sing me lullabies to put me to sleep as a child. Since my parents took me to see The Nutcracker and I sat, enraptured, through the entire show as a six-year-old. In a way, I've always known this:

I have been created to create.

I am an


On stage or behind the camera, I have a deep love for bringing characters of all kinds to life.
I am a


From Strauss to Sondheim, I have trained in both classical and musical theatre styles.
I am a


From designing puppet shows to building scenic models, I have a wide range of design experience.
I am a


I am a classically trained singer and pianist. I offer private lessons at competitive rates.